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A prolific improviser and composer, Wireless Lovebird has played across California, from Yoshi’s to Burning Man to the Olive Garden parking lot.  His more ephemeral piano work comes from an inkling that a human soul is just art waiting to be expressed, while his albums are verbose and born from a fascination with rhythms in language.  His work with street funk ensemble Love Gutter is inspired by classical Indian percussion and by a search for beauty in unsuspecting places.  He has composed and performed the scores for a variety of stage productions including Julie Beth Ingraham’s 3 Weeks: My Father’s Last Dance, CSUS presents Jeffrey Hatcher’s Turn of the Screw, Circus Cruz’s aerial show The Dreambox, Iron Ring Theatre Co.’s Twelfth Night; Jillian Perkins’ Blackface at UCSC / Delfos Contemporary Dance Company in Mexico, the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, Ana Flecha’s award-winning short Ground Play, Shara Free’s The Street, The 418’s The Human Condition, Santa Cruz Dance’s holiday cabaret Stockings, and more.  He has accompanied and composed for ballet and modern dance classes at University California Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, Motion Pacific, and the International Academy of Dance.

(photo credit : cliff warner)

For over a decade, he has been ringing your bike bells, and drumming on the facades of your parking structures and public art.  He has danced with you in intersections, sang back to birds with you, rescued lizards with you, and if his lyrically replete solo albums glisten at all, it is because you’ve inspired him to seek the depth of freedom and to fight for it.

photo: cliff warner